Protect your belongings with “how to keep your stuff safe: the security podcast” – Hannah Manley

Don’t have your stuff stolen

It is day three of our trip to Spain. You go out for lunch with our classmates. You sit down at the table and set your bag on the empty seat next to you. Halfway through the meal you go to the bathroom, while everyone else is still at the table. And when you are finally ready to leave you go to grab your bag and are surprised to find it is gone. This is exactly what happened to a friend of Craig and Linda from Indie Travel Podcast. To avoid this happening to you listen to “how to keep your stuff safe: the security podcast.”

Beware of theft in Spain

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The two cities we will be visiting this May, Barcelona (#1) and Madrid (#4) are two of the places with the highest instances of pickpocketing according to TripAdvisor. Not much has changed since TripAdvisor released their list in 2009; there were more than 200,000 instances of theft in Spain in 2015, only 5% less than in 2009.

Reasons to listen to “how to keep your stuff safe: the security podcast”

This podcast, which is available on the Indie Travel website will give you all the tips and tricks you need in an engaging format. Here are some of the reasons why you should – or should not – listen to this podcast.

Con: not focused on Spain

One of the major drawbacks of this podcast is that it does not talk about Spain at all.

Pro: universal best practices

One thing you should purchase is a money belt. This one is from Amazon.

Despite this drawback, the security topics that are covered can be easily applied to the situations we will face in Spain. Their recommendations are perfect for any country you are traveling to and include basic things like what to purchase and how to be more aware of your surroundings.

Con: too long

This podcast is long. It is about 30 minutes and not all of it is interesting, engaging, or even helpful. At least ten minutes of this podcast is off-topic and advertisement focused.

Pro: free to listen to

However, the advertisements and the resulting length are also a positive because you don’t have to spend anything, except your time to receive this fantastic advice.

Pro: interesting and memorable stories

Linda and Craig definitely make their advice “stick” by using a few of the different success methods, including storytelling. You will never leave your bag on the chair next to you after hearing about how their friend had hers stolen.

Pro: good credibility

Best Travel Blog
The Lonely Planet best travel blog award.

The duo has been travelling full-time for over a decade. They were voted the best travel podcast in the Lonely Planet best travel awards.

Listen to the podcast before we leave

I will leave you with one last piece of advice which Craig and Linda provided: prepare ahead of time. In this context, that means listen to the podcast – and soon. Check the podcast out on SoundCloud or Apple Podcasts. You will be interested in their stories and they will help make sure that you don’t go to grab your bag and find it missing.


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