Xinyuan Zhang: Let’s Drink Some Fine Bubbly Wine in Spain!

Codorníu, the oldest family business in Spain, is best known for creating Cava – a sparkling wine exclusively produced in the region of Spain. How does a company thrive continuously for over 450 years?

Outside view of Codorníu


Major Milestones in Codorníu’s History

  • 1551 – Jaume Codorníu founded Codorníu.
  • 1659 – Anna Codorníu married Miquel Raventós, uniting two important winegrowing families.
  • 1872 – Josep Raventós creates the first bottle of Cava in Spain using the traditional method.
  • 1976 – Cavas Codorníu is declared a Historical Artistic Monument.
  • 1983 – Anna de Codorníu (12125) was launched.
  • 2002 – Codorníu creates the first rosé cava.

Since Codorníu is a family owned business, statistics regarding its size and number of employees are not available to the public. According to Glassdoor, the company has about 501 to 1000 employees.


Cava and Sparkling Wine

When it comes to sparkling wine, people think of Champagne the first. However, Champagne is not the only sparkling wine. There are many other high quality sparkling wines being produced all over the world! Sparkling wine names often indicate in which part of the world the wine is grown.

Sparking wine names and origin

Codorníu’s Cava wines

Codorníu’s cava wines come in many different flavors and colors. The most known Cava includes Anna de Codorníu and Jaume Codorníu. Codorníu continuously innovates to bring the best Cava to its customers.

Codorníu’s Cava wines

Major Challenges Faced by Codorníu

Just like consumers in the U.S. are trying to decide on Coke or Pepsi, Spaniards are trying to decide on Codorníu or Freixenet as there are many similarities between the two. Although domestic sales between the two are almost the same, Freixenet is better at exports – out of every 100 bottles sold abroad, 67 are Freixenet.


Codorníu Differentiates Itself from its Competitors

One of the best ways to connect with customers is to give them one-of-a-kind experiences. Codorníu not only excel at making the best Cava in the world, but also thrive to offer various services to its customers. Here are a couple examples of unique experiences offered by Codorníu:

  • Organizing Special Events in Codorníu Just Made Easier

As a National Historical Monument, Codorníu is filled with beautiful buildings, spires, wisteria, and moments made for stopping and sipping wine. People can submit an information request online to have their events organized in Codorníu.

Codorníu’s celler gran
  • Explore Codorníu with a Thrill – Cava Escape

This activity combines an escape room with a treasure hunt. Participants will explore Codorníu’s iconic underground wine cellars, facing a variety of challenges as they move towards their goal – opening the Masferrer family’s sought-after treasure chest.

Cava escape at Codorníu

After researching the company, I cannot wait for our site visit!

Questions I Would Like to Ask during the Our Site Visit of Codorníu:

  1. How did Codorníu become a National Historic Artistic Monument?
  2. How old is the oldest unopened bottle in the cellars?
  3. How many bottles of wine does Codorníu produce during a year?
  4. Has Codorníu implemented any information systems to track business processes, such as the bottling process?
  5. How has the aging population in Spain affected the winery business?



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